Xianning Kelong Food and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Xianning Food and Oil Machinery Factory) specializes in the research, manufacture and sale of Food and Oil machinery and equipment. Over the past Many years, the company has devoted itself to the development of various baking and roasting equipment, step by step to today.

校企合作 School enterprise cooperation


In 2010, our company and Wuhan Academy of Food Sciences conducted in-depth cooperation on the pretreatment technology of Luzhou-flavor rapeseed oil press, which opened a new phase of technological innovation. Since then, our company has cooperated extensively and deeply with scientific research organizations such as Henan University of Technology, Wuhan University of Technology and Guangxi Institute of Grain Science.

科研创新 Scientific research innovation


In 2012, our company succeeded in developing the roasting mill oil and sesame sauce roasting machine in China. Since then, we have continuously innovated and developed the third generation of automatic environmental protection and energy saving automatic temperature control rotary dryer, environmental protection and energy saving automatic temperature control rotary dryer,  national patents and Xian'an District invention patent award. It is the only technology-based company with completely independent intellectual property rights and enterprise standards in China.

口碑载道 Enjoy great popularity among the people


Our company developed all kinds of baking machine excellent quality, technological Leading, environmental protection and high efficiency. Not only domestic sales and word of mouth are everywhere, but also exported to many countries and regions in different states and regions, which are widely praised by international friends.

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